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Projection Size and Illumination Charts for Gobo Projectors
The charts below will help you to determine the brightness and projection size for different projector and projection lens combinations at various distances.
Click the image right below for a Blog Post that shows you how to select a projector and projection lens by using the charts below. It explains common terms and shows some examples.
Projection Chart Cheat Sheet
Quick Instructions
  • Determine the projection distance, called "throw". This is the distance between the projector and the projection area (i.e the wall that you project on) in feet. Find the appropriate column in the table.
  • Follow the projection distance column down for the desired projection size. This is the diameter of the projected image and is typically between 2 and 8 feet.
  • Select a projector that shows the desired image size with sufficient brightness (see the Illumination Values at the bottom).
  • Choose optional lenses or zoom projectors if your projection distance, size, or lighting conditions may vary.
ECO Spot INTERACTIVE Projection Chart - Current Models