Custom Gobos

Custom Gobos are made from your artwork or based on your artwork instructions. You can compare a gobo to a slide that is being placed into a slide projector, but due to restrictions such as heat, longevity, or size, slides can not be used in common gobo projectors. We offer all available gobo types, such as Glass Gobos, Film Gobos, and Metal Gobos.
Metal Gobos are made from thin metal plates. The art is simple line art but we can make these gobos from much more complex artwork.

Black and White Glass Gobo

Black White Glass Gobo for line-art, logos, or text. No halftones or gradients.

Grayscale Glass Gobo

Grayscale glass gobo for halftones or images.

One Color Glass Gobo

Glass gobo with ONE dichroic standard color for line-art, logos, text, or gradients.

Two Color Glass Gobo

Glass gobo with TWO dichroic standard colors for line-art, logos, text, or gradients.

Three Color Glass Gobo

Glass gobo with THREE dichroic standard colors for line-art, logos, text, or gradients.

Full Color Glass Gobo

Full-Color glass gobo for line-art, logos, text, or gradients.

Metal Custom Gobo

Metal gobo for B/W line-art, logos or text.

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About our Custom Gobos

Custom gobos are commonly used for events, product promotion, advertising, weddings, and other applications. Whether steel, glass, or film, a custom glass gobo can help your brand, company, or product stand apart from the rest.

GoboSource offers a wide array of custom gobos for all of your needs. When you require intricate patterns, logos, or images rich with color, custom glass gobos are the best option for spectacular results. Glass gobos incorporate a photo-realistic quality and are crafted using high-resolution lasers, ideal for intricate designs and nearly flawless projection.

Whether projecting on a large floor area, interior wall, or the exterior of a building, custom gobos help you capture the interest and attention of your audience or guests. Custom glass gobos are far more durable than most people believe. However you may be curious about steel gobos and the differences between the two.

A more cost-effective option, steel gobos (or metal) are less expensive if color gradation or more than one color is not required in your application. Glass gobos are the preferred choice when you need multiple colors, color gradients, or logos/images that are more complex. For durability, detailed designs or flowing scripts glass is the material of choice.

While film gobos are another option for those who desire intricate designs and full color, it is crucial to understand this type of custom gobo is less vibrant, has a very short lifespan, and is only compatible with low-powered projectors. On the other hand, glass and metal gobos often have lifespans of several years.

When it comes to custom gobos, glass is ultimately the best choice, as this type of gobo can be reused on countless occasions and provides the highest image quality you can get along with exceptional clarity, great detail, and more.

Custom gobos are a great way to build brand awareness, promote your products and services, and put what you want out there whether in advertising, hosting events, or in other applications. Trust GoboSource for all of your custom gobo needs when you require perfect results using your own artwork!