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3 tips for perfecting a lighting rig layout

Whether you're lighting a stage production or a wedding, designing your lighting rig and the positioning of every projector and stand plays [...]

Billy Joel’s Madison Square Garden residency harnesses 40-year relationship for lighting expertise

Billy Joel is a household name across the nation, and for his residency at Madison Square Garden, he's continuing to astonish sold out crowd [...]

Set the tone for your exhibition space with gobo lighting effects

You can quickly and easily add depth by employing gobo lighting effects. [...]

Metal band embraces gobo lighting for horror movie-themed concert

The Grammy-nominated metalcore act Killswitch Engage played a beautifully-illuminated series of shows on the Monster's Mosh tour, using gobo [...]

Famed lighting designer recognized by Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association

W. James Tetlow, a Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts graduate of '77, recently received the school's Alumni Achievement award. [...]

How to travel safely with your gobos

Lighting equipment is both heavy and fragile, which makes traveling with projectors, bulbs and gobos seem daunting. However, there are ways [...]

How to optimize the safety of your gobos

Theatrical lighting comes with certain inherent risks, the worst of which is the possibility of a fire. [...]

In ‘The Beautiful Dark,’ gobos tell a story on stage

A new production of the award-winning, critically-acclaimed play "The Beautiful Dark" by Erik Gernard is using gobos to great effect, accord [...]

How to work gobos into your DJ performance

DJing isn't just about music, it's about putting on a good show. [...]

Gobos play critical role in theater productions

In a recent article on the North Hollywood arts, culture and entertainment blog,, contributor Jane Brown reminds theate [...]
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