Projected Safety Signage
GoboSource offers a wide range of gobos, projectors, and lasers for all your industrial, corporate, entertainment, and consumer needs for projected images. From custom and stock gobos to virtual sign-, outdoor- and holiday projectors, we are confident you will find just what you need. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!


Virtual Signs – Projectors and Sign Gobos enhance safety and help you do away with paint and tape through projected signs that are ideal for low- or bright light environments, high traffic or risk areas, rough environments and more
  • Sign Projectors – Our ECO Spot PCE Series Virtual Sign Projectors are purpose built for high performance in industrial, dusty or wet environments. Oversized heat sinks, instead of fans or motors, are easy to clean and allow for long service intervals. These patented projectors are UL/cUL Certified for Wet Environments.

  • Sign and Safety Gobos - Reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage with virtual sign gobos that enhance safety in warehouse, production and other environments. Caution, Stop, Yield, Slow, Forklift, Crosswalk, Walkway, Restricted Area, and other safety gobos provide the signage essential in industrial environments.

  • Custom Signage Gobos – We specialize in making custom virtual signs from your artwork or your specifications.

  • Lasers - Virtual line lasers eliminate tape and floor paint maintenance, creating an indestructible floor line in industrial environments. Red and green colors available, perfect when used in conjunction with virtual signs.


  • Gobos - Custom gobos designed using your artwork, standard glass and stock metal gobos, and themed gobos are available for all of your corporate needs.

  • Projectors - Our wide selection of gobo projectors make it easy for you to choose the perfect one for your corporate needs based on brightness, projection distance, size, and other factors


  • Projectors - Whether for interior, exterior, architectural or other applications, our projectors are simple to use and offer great optics and image quality.

  • Outdoor projectors - Outdoor projectors are weather-resistant and designed for rugged conditions, from small to large scale gobo projection on buildings, streets, and other objects.

  • Holiday projectors - Whether in shopping malls or public places, our holiday gobo projectors will help you light up the season. Be sure to check out the GOLUX 1000Z-RG


  • Gobos - Custom gobos, stock metal gobos, themed gobos and more for all your entertainment needs - holiday parties, live bands, sports events, corporate entertainment, etc.

  • Custom gobos - Take your entertainment to the next level with custom gobos created from glass, metal, or film gobos made from your artwork or based on your artwork instructions.

  • Stock gobos - From abstract, fire & ice, water & sky, and breakups to symbols & signs, rotation, text and graphics, we have stock gobos for all your entertainment needs.


  • Wedding gobos - From stock gobos to personalized custom and monogram gobos, we have all you need to make the most exciting day of your live even more special.

  • Custom gobos - Custom gobos are designed using your own artwork, giving it a more personal, meaningful touch. Our glass and metal gobo templates make simple work of customizing your gobo.

  • Projectors - Gobo projectors are available in a wide range of versions at prices for every budget, ideal for use in showrooms, retail settings, restaurants, for promotions, or almost any interior or exterior application.

  • Stock gobos - Stock metal gobos for all your needs in many categories including boundaries & wildlife, foliage breakups, fire & ice, churches & heraldics, graphics & grills, occasions & holidays, text, trees & flowers, and more.

  • For all your gobo and projector needs, look no further than GoboSource. Call us today at 1-800-213-1092 or email