Standard Gobo Colors

We usually match the colors of your artwork with the colors of our Standard Color Palette. Shown here are the colors as Pantone print equivalents so they can be compared in color books. Gobos are manufactured in an entirely different process from print but we believe this is the easiest way to make color references.
We are able to make virtually any color, but we cannot guarantee the exact match of your colors in the resulting projection due to variations in the fixtures and projection surface. The color of a projected image will always vary from the print color as there is only limited control over the projection environment. The resulting projection color is influenced by factors such as ambient light situation, projection surface color and materials, and color temperature of the light bulb.
Please let us know if you need us to match a special color. This may require to change to a more expensive gobo color type, for example, a Two Color Gobo can become a Full Color type.
Standard Colors
Pantone 1345C
Pantone 114C
Dark Yellow
Pantone 1225C
Light Orange
Pantone 124C
Pantone 151C
Light Red
Pantone 179C
Pantone 186C
Pantone 254C
Pantone 232C
Dark Blue
Pantone 072C
Pantone 286C
Pantone 2925C
Light Cyan
Pantone 305C
Day Light
Pantone 2708C
Pantone 355C
Light Green
Pantone 367C