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Outdoor Wedding Lighting: Gobo Projection From Dusk till Dawn

Ladies in sleeveless floral dresses and men in linen suits mingle while sipping cocktails in summer’s golden hour. The light is fading but [...]

Put Love in the Spotlight with Valentine’s Day Gobo Lighting

Everyone expects the traditional card and flowers, but how about doing something unexpected this Valentine’s Day? One of our customers, Se [...]

The Difference Between Glass, Metal & Film Gobos

Updated January 21, 2019 When choosing a gobo type it’s important to know the difference between glass, metal, and film. Many customer [...]

5 creative ways to use gobo lighting at your wedding

The right lighting can set the mood throughout your special day, create memorable moments, and subtly draw guests’ attention to the next i [...]

Don’t stop at photography when incorporating gobos into your wedding

Wedding gobos can add a unique lighting element to any reception, but many couples stop at incorporating their monogram or full names into t [...]

Gobo wedding cake a new way to use lighting on your special day

Using gobos for wedding lighting to illuminate walkways, walls and ceilings with the happy couple's names has been a growing practice for a [...]

Looking for Budget Conscious Wedding Decor? Gobos Could Be Your Solution

Weddings can become very expensive, very quickly, and couples often look for ways to reduce their costs without making their event any less [...]

Go beyond the names for your wedding gobo lighting

A gobo image with the bride and groom's names on it can be a spectacular addition to any wedding, but there is so much more that can be done [...]

Gobos are essential for lighting an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings can be magical, but for a photography they can be a nightmare. [...]

Wedding Photography Lighting Techniques with Gobos

Photographers are always looking for ways to make their photographs more dramatic, particularly if they're doing headshots and portraiture. [...]
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