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Projecting an Image onto Water, Windows, and Other Challenging Surfaces

Part of the fun of gobo projections is that you can display an image on almost any surface. While a flat surface ensures the crispest image, [...]

The Art Behind Your Holiday Gobo Projections

Holiday gobo projections are used to inspire and celebrate in people’s homes, offices, commercial and public spaces. Our job is to help yo [...]

5 Stunning Holiday Light Displays for Public Spaces

Even if the weather’s frigid, people will flock to a city square or park if it’s decorated for the holiday season. Eye-catching holiday [...]

Gobo Motion Effects 101: How to Add Motion to Gobo Projections

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you add motion to that picture? Well, you’ve just drastically ramped up the wow factor and a [...]

Holiday Lighting Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Showy light displays featuring projected images have become part of holiday tradition and for good reason. Putting up strings of lights, esp [...]

5 Color Matching Tips for Custom Gobos

Custom color gobos are perfect for logos, event decor, product promotion, and any full-color design that you’d like to translate into a pr [...]

Large-Scale Outdoor Projection 101

Large-scale outdoor projections can elevate an event or space from standard to head-turning, but only if done right. For example, building p [...]

The Difference Between Glass, Metal & Film Gobos

Updated January 21, 2019 When choosing a gobo type it’s important to know the difference between glass, metal, and film. Many customer [...]

7 enchanting event themes using gobos

The best events have a fun theme that ties each room and section of the venue together. Whether it’s a garden party, staff retreat, confer [...]

5 Solutions to Common Decorating Challenges with Gobos

It’s easy to get stuck in a holiday rut. You reuse the same decorations every year or you buy new ones but it always creates the same effe [...]
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