How to Safely Reopen Your Business with Virtual Signage

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, retail shop, or office, COVID-19 signage is a must in order to safely allow people to return to work a [...]

Your Guide to Creating Virtual Walkways with Line Lasers, Line Projectors, and Gobo Projectors

For both safety and efficiency, it’s important to clearly mark walkways and storage areas  throughout an industrial space like a ware [...]

Projected Virtual Signage 101 for Industrial Spaces

Keeping warehouse workers safe requires more than just helmets and goggles. Virtual Signs are one of the most important components of a safe [...]

The Difference Between Glass, Metal & Film Gobos

Updated January 21, 2019 When choosing a gobo type it’s important to know the difference between glass, metal, and film. Many customer [...]

Holiday Lighting Ideas to Spread the Joy at a Safe Distance

As the days get shorter and the holidays draw near, there are more opportunities for virtual signage. Your business can use projections to b [...]

Coronavirus Update from GoboSource

Dear GoboSource customers, as more communities become affected by the coronavirus, we want to assure you that we are still here for you [...]

Glass Gobos: Your Solution for High Resolution Projections Across Applications

Crisp, bold projections in full-color do their job exceptionally well. They catch your attention and demand a longer look. The image can eve [...]

3 Top Takeaways from Safety 2019

Earlier this month, GoboSource attended the Safety 2019 Professional Development Conference & Exposition in New Orleans. The annual conf [...]

5 Reasons to Use Virtual Signage

Signage is an important part of workplace safety, whether you run a warehouse, showroom, or manufacturing plant. It is also an effective mar [...]

Logo Projection 101: Indoor and Outdoor Advertising with Gobos

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you’re always trying to find ways to make your company’s brand stand out from the competition. With so muc [...]

Projecting an Image onto Water, Windows, and Other Challenging Surfaces

Part of the fun of gobo projections is that you can display an image on almost any surface. While a flat surface ensures the crispest image, [...]

How to Use Motion Sensors with Gobo Projectors

Many businesses use motion sensors to notify staff when a patron walks through the front door, but there’s so much more you can do with th [...]
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