ECO Spot Control Module

Control Module for ECO Spot Projectors
The ECO Spot Control Module is an optional module that is designed to add dynamic functionality, such as dimming, blinking, fading, and motion sensing to ECO Spot gobo projectors. The integrated motion sensor (PIR Sensor) can be used in a wide range of modes.
The module connects to line power and to the projectors’ LED driver control inputs.

  • Static modes: ON, DIM, OFF
  • Dynamic modes: Fading, Strobing, Flashing
  • Sensor modes: The motion sensor and AUX input can be programmed to switch from any static or dynamic mode to any other static or dynamic mode.
Motion Sensor:
  • The motion sensor is a consumer level PIR type, that is found in typical home motion sensor lights. It is not recommended for "mission critical" applications.
  • Range: Approx. 24ft
  • Coverage: 45 degree lens angle, i.e. 20ft diameter at 20ft distance or 10ft diameter at 10ft distance.
Supported Projectors:
All ECO Spot projectors with drivers, that have an accessible DIM+/- input, such as:
  • ECO Spot PCE-Series 40/60/90/150/300PCE
  • ECO Spot Exterior 25E/40E/60E/90E/300E
  • ECO Spot Interior 90/150/300
  • ECO Lines Projectors 80/150
Supported Accessories:
Control Module User Manual