ECO Spot C25 LED Gobo Projector - #163, Min. Scratches

Projection Lens (included)

ECO Spot C25 - BB#163, Condition: 1, Minimum Scratches - Wall and Ceiling Mount Projector

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*Bargain Basement Units* have been refurbished and tested to meet the same operational standards as a new unit. These are discontinued legacy models, returned demo units, and refurbished units. They are priced based on outer condition of the housing of the unit as well as their age on a scale from 1 - 4. Minimal scratches or dents is considered condition 1 and will be discounted less. While dings and dents and faded paint are considered condition 4. The condition does not effect the operation of the unit in anyway. If you would like to try an Eco-Spot projector at less than full-price these units are a perfect way to experience the gobo world for the first time without paying an arm and a leg.

The ECO Spot LED C25 LED Gobo Projector features a new 30W high end LED plus quality optics.

> It is mainly designed for ceiling mount and architectural applications but can be projected from it's base as well. Please note that the C25 interior architectural projector only accepts E-Sized Metal and Glass Gobos. The C25E Exterior projector however can accept E or D-sized glass or metal Gobos. If you need a D-sized Gobo with this amount of brightness, a C25E will be the projector for you. The ES-C25+ also accepts D-Sized gobos while offering a dmx connector and a dim/blink/fade functionality menu to create more life with your projector. The ES-C25+ can be found here.

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  • Specifically designed for ceiling and architectural applications.
  • LED lamp technology, Ten times more efficient than comparable halogen Projectors.
  • Takes E-Size metal and glass Gobos up to Full Color and film Gobos for limited run time.
  • Integrated switchable Gobo Rotator
  • 40,000 hours bulb life - never exchange a bulb over the life of the projector.
  • Interchangeable projection lenses make it easily adaptable to a wide range of applications.
  • Multi Voltage 100V - 240/277V 50/60Hz.
  • Quiet cooling fan.
  • Extremely Compact, light weight.
  • Full aluminum housing.
  • Projector
  • Order Code:ES-C25
    Power Supply:100V - 240/277V, 50 - 60Hz, 30W
    Ambient Temp. Range:-22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)

  • Optical
  • Lamp:30W LED, 40,000h rated bulb life
    Projection Lens Included:yes, choose from options below
    Available Lenses:Narrow: f=140mm/10°, Semi-Narrow: f=100mm/15°, Medium: f=70mm/20°, Wide: f-56mm/25°, Ultra Wide: f-28mm/45° (Max ID with this lens is 25mm)
    Gobo Size:E-Size - Outer Diameter: 37.5mm, Image Diameter: 25mm, max. Thickness: 4mm
    Effective Luminous Flux:1,900lm (2400lm nominal)
    Color Temperature (Kelvin):6,000k +/-500k
    Dimmable:Yes, with manual dial

  • Lens Range
  • Bright - up to 30 ft
    Dim - up to 60 ft
    Dark - 140 ft

  • Dimensions
  • Base7” x 3.75”
    Total Length:13” (incl. std. lens)
    Total Height:7.75”
    Weight:7 lbs

  • Package Contents
  • Power Cord
    Test Gobo
    Spare Gobo Retaining Ring
    Integrated Gobo Mounts
    User Manual

Projection Chart