ECO Spot LED40E-LE Liquid Effect Projector - #77, Minimal Scratc

ECO Spot LED40E-LE High Output Liquid Effect Projector

The weather resistant ECO Spot LED40E-LE LED Liquid Effect Projector utilizes US made 40W high end LED technology. It is 3-4 times stronger than other common effect projectors. While being designed for exterior applications with weather exposure, it can also be used indoors.

Product Video

  • Weatherproof heat pipe design
  • Automatically adjusts to a wide range of line voltage
  • Integrated switchable Color Wheel
  • Interchangeable projection lenses make it easily adaptable to a wide range of applications.
  • Full aluminum housing
    Order Code:ES-LED40E-LE
    Power Supply:100V - 240/277V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A, 45W

  • Color Wheel
  • Functionality:Slowly changes between red, blue, yellow, white
    Single Mode Color:Switch allows to remain at any of the above colors

  • Optical
  • Lamp:40W LED, 50,000h rated bulb life
    Available Projection Lenses:140mm, 100mm, 70mm, 50mm

  • Image Sizes
  • 50mm Lens (standard lens):multiply distance with 0.5
    70mm Lens (optional):multiply distance with 0.4
    100mm Lens (optional):multiply distance with 0.3
    140mm Lens (optional):multiply distance with 0.2 (effect quality not optimal)

  • Lens Range
  • Bright - up to 30 ft
    Dim - up to 50 ft
    Dark - 100 ft

  • Dimensions
  • Base7” x 3.75”
    Total Length:13” (incl. std. lens)
    Total Height:7.75”
    Weight:7 lbs

  • Environmental
  • IP Rating Projector:Equivalent of IP62
    IP Rating Driver:IP65
    Remarks:Only the driver carries line voltage, the projector does not.

  • Package Contents
  • Power Cord
    Test Gobo
    Spare Gobo Retaining Ring
    Integrated Gobo Mounts
    User Manual

Projection Chart