ECO Spot Lens for E-Size, f=28mm, 45º Ultra Wide


Projection Lens for ECO Spot 10/25/30/35/40/70 f=28mm, 45º Ultra Wide


Important: The max. Gobo Image Diamter for this lens is 25mm.

This lens fits all ECO Spot models that use D-size and E-size Gobos.
Because of the extremely wide angle, this lens will not focus as well as the regular lenses.
Even though it can be used with projector models that use D-Size gobos, the max. image diameter of the gobo should not exceed 25mm. ECO Spot D-Size gobos are normally specified with an image diameter of 32mm.


    Focal Length:28mm
    Lens Angle E-size:45º with E-size gobos
    Lens Angle D-size:45º with D-size gobos and max. ID of 25mm
    Thread diameter:39mm (1.5in)