ECO Spot Prism 3D Lens for ECO Spot 10/25/40/60


Animated gif of koi fish gobo being projected through 3d prism lens on ECO-Spot C40 projector from GoboSource.

Prism 3D Effect Projection Lens for all ECO Models that use E- or D-Size Gobos - 36º Wide


Important: The max. Gobo Image Diameter for this lens is 25mm.
It works best with dedicated circular gobo artworks.
For use with the ECO Spot projector models LED10, A25, C25, B40, C40, B60.

This lens splits the image up into three sub images that. The resulting projection has the equivalent of a 36 degree spread. It creates an overlay 3-dimensional effect to add motion and depth to your projection.
At a distance of 12 ft., the prism lens will produce an image of approximately 8 ft.
At 24 ft., you will get an image diameter of 16 ft.

Because of the wide image spread, the lens is meant to be operated in less bright environments.


    Focal Length:28mm
    Lens Angle E-size:36º with E-size gobos
    Lens Angle D-size:36º with D-size gobos and max. ID of 25mm
    Thread diameter:39mm (1.5in)