Virtual Sign 3’ to 6’ Industrial Environments (C60PCE)

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- For Rugged Environments
- Passive Cooling
- No fans or motors


This bundle consists of an ECO Spot C60PCE LED Gobo Projector configured with a virtual sign of your choice. This is for a 3' to 6' sign size.
The C60PCE is the most popular version of our PCE-Series projectors. It is designed for industrial, dusty or wet environments. It has no moving parts such as fans or motors.

Please select the sign you would like, the brightness level, your required projection size, and mounting distance above. Based on these values, we will select the most effective projection lens combination for you. If you are flexible with the mounting distance and required image size, please enter a range, it will help us to optimize your configuration.

We will always contact you to clarify any possible issues and send you an order confirmation before proceeding with your order.

The C60PCE is designed for industrial, dusty or wet environments.

It has no moving parts such as fans or motors. Instead it relies on a huge oversized heat sink that is easy to clean. UL/cUL Certified for industrial and wet environments - certificate number - E4993665.

  • UL/cUL rated for wet environments (2019 models) E4993665
  • Passive Cooling - no fans or motors.
  • Ideal for dusty and wet industrial environments.
  • Long service intervals.
  • Wide line voltage range.
  • 30,000 hours bulb life - never exchange a bulb over the life of the projector.
  • Quality optical system with interchangeable Lenses.
  • Full Aluminum Housing
  • Takes std. D-size gobos.
  • Projector
  • Order Code:ES-C60PCE
    Power Supply:95V-265V, 50-60GHz, 70W
    Ambient Temp. Range: -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)
    Can be used in-/and outdoorsExterior Version
    UL/cUl CertificationUL/cUL rated for wet environments (2019 models) E4993665

  • Optical
  • Lamp:60W LED, 30,000h rated bulb life
    Projection Lens Included:yes, choose from options below
    Available Lenses:Narrow: f=140mm/10°, Semi-Narrow: f=100mm/15°, Medium: f=70mm/20°, Ultra-Wide: f-28mm/45° (Max ID with this lens is 23mm)
    Effective Luminous Flux: 2,400lm
    Color Temperature (Kelvin):6,000k +/-500k
    Dimmable:Yes, with trimmer

  • Lens Range
  • Bright - up to 50 ft
    Dim - up to 90 ft
    Dark - up to 180 ft (or more in very dark conditions)

  • Dimensions
  • Gobo Size:D-Size (OD53mm, ID25mm) Max. thickness: 4mm
    Total Length:15 - 18” (incl. lens)
    Weight:14 lbs

  • Package Contents
  • Power Cord
    Test Gobo
    Spare Gobo Retaining Ring
    Integrated Gobo Mounts
    User Manual

Projection Chart