Wattstopper Motion Sensor FSP-221 IP66

Lens Option
High/Low/Off PIR Outdoor Motion/Photo Sensor In IP66 Enclosure for Flexible Mounting
We selected these motion sensors because of their "industrial strength" and flexibility to accommodate different mounting heights and configurations. In many cases the pre-configured options may require customization, which is performed with a wireless configuration tool.

Out of the box, the sensor has these defaults:
The Configuration Tool is required to change these values.
  • Time delay: 5 minutes = The light stays on high for 5 min. after no motion is detected, it then turns to low mode.
  • Sensitivity: Max
  • Cut off: 1 hour = The light stays on low mode for 1 hour before it turn off completely.
  • High mode: 10V = Max. brightness
  • Low mode: 1V = 10% brightness
  • Setpoint: Disabled
  • Ramp up time: Disabled
  • Fade down time: Disabled
  • Photocell On/Off: Disabled
With the FSP-221, our ECO Spot projectors can be controlled in threeways:
  • Switching the line voltage (ECO Spots can turn on/off in a fraction of a second)
  • Controlling the ECO Spot dimming/control input, which allows setting certain brightness levels. Most industrial ECO Spot projectors come equipped with this control option.
  • Controlling the ECO Control Module AUX Input through the 1-10V Output, 1V = OFF, 3-10V=ON
The FSP-2x1B sensors provide multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight contribution. They control 0-10VDC LED drivers or dimming ballasts, as well as non-dimming ballasts and, with an FSP-Lx Lens, are rated for wet and cold locations. All control parameters are adjustable via a wireless configuration tool capable of storing and transmitting sensor profiles.
  • Interchangeable lenses for optimal coverage
  • Designed for LED fixtures and rated for extreme temperatures; options for box or pole mounting
  • Fully adjustable high and low dimmed light levels
  • Hold off setpoint with automatic calibration option for convenience and added energy savings
  • Adjustable via handheld wireless configuration tool
  • IP66 rated with choice of lenses for wet and outdoor locations, and mounting heights from 8’ to 40’
  • Adjustable time delay and cutoff delay
Lens Coverage Guide
Data Sheet
Installation Instructions
Configuration Tool Quick Start Guide
Configuration Tool User Guide