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5 Solutions to Common Decorating Challenges with Gobos

It’s easy to get stuck in a holiday rut. You reuse the same decorations every year or you buy new ones but it always creates the same effect. There’s never enough time to create something really show-stopping and it can be hard to work within the constraints of your space. Why not try Gobos?

We offer five easy solutions with Gobo projection to common decorating challenges faced by business owners and event planners, and give you creative ideas that will catch everyone’s attention.

1. Putting up holiday lights

Putting up lights for the holidays is always a frustrating endeavor. No matter how carefully you put them away, a year later they’re always a tangled mess when you open the box. Inevitably you’ll discover after you’ve put up the lights that a three foot stretch won’t turn on. And then you have to take them all down again.

Why not skip all the hassle and light up your event or business space with gobos? Project festive images like snowflakes and ornaments, a Christmas tree, and Santa and his Sleigh, or project a festive message to spread holiday cheer. Setup and cleanup is so fast and easy, you’ll have plenty of energy left for all those other holiday tasks that gobos unfortunately can’t replace.

2. Decorating a small space

Do you really want a tree but simply don’t have the room or the time? A gobo could be the perfect solution. Choose from a wide selection of Christmas tree patterns on our website, place your order, and have a “tree” within 1-3 business days! You can set-up your tree in minutes on any open wall space or project it onto the floor of your business’s entryway for an unexpected effect.

3. Drawing attention to your store or event

Need to draw customers into your store? If you’re in an area with high foot traffic, try projecting a tree or other holiday image onto the sidewalk out front to catch your customer’s eye and entice them inside. Trying to draw attention to a big event? Project a celebration motif on the outside of the venue, such as fireworks for New Year’s or the name of your event, to direct people your way.

4. Creating a theme for your holiday party or retail space

Your holiday party or retail space should have a theme for the holiday season to set the right mood, for socializing or shopping. Decorating can be a costly, time-consuming endeavor but with gobos you can set the mood within minutes. From festively wrapped presents and Santa in his sleigh to silver bells and winter wonderlands, you can create the perfect theme for any space or event.

5. Transforming an ordinary room into a festive space

People expect wreaths, Christmas trees, and candy canes but when you light up an otherwise dark corner with a wintry scene, the space instantly feels magical. Stock up on gobos for every season so your business’s ambience stays fresh and fun. Or just get ready in advance for your next event!

Ready to order your holiday themed gobos? Check out our many choices for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and more on our Products Page.


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