DIVUM 50K Large Scale Gobo Projector


Divum 50K - Large Scale LED Gobo Projector

The Divum 50K is a powerful gobo- and gobo effect projector for large architectural and environmental projections.

The integrated zoom lens with a wide zoom range of 8°-52° makes it a great choice for short- to long distance applications of up to 2,000ft!
It comes with everything required to project a gobo. When equipped with the optional Effect Module, it delivers amazing, large Holiday Projections that can cover large areas such as buildings, mountain sides, etc.

Main Features:
  • For very bright environments, large projection sizes and distances of up to 2,000ft.
  • Highly Efficient LED Optical System with 37,100 lumen effective flux.
  • Top Quality Zoom Lens with a wide range of 9°-52°.
  • Optional Modules available such as Remote Controlled Gobo Changer and Holiday Effect Disks
  • Controllable through DMX and WiFi Phone App
  • IP54 Rated for Outdoor Use
  • Takes E-size gobos, up to Full Color.
  • Compact, full Aluminum Housing.
Divum 50K Product Brochure:
Quick Setup
Instruction Manual

The stock Static Gobo Holder can be replaced with additional effect options, such as:

Effect Module Video