ECO Spot C60PCE Gobo Projector for Rugged Environments

Projection Lens (included)


- This projector takes E-Size Gobos only
- For Rugged Environments
- Passive Cooling
- No fans or motors


The C60PCE is designed for industrial, dusty or wet environments.

It has no moving parts such as fans or motors. Instead it relies on a huge oversized heat sink that is easy to clean. UL/cUL Certified for industrial and wet environments - certificate number - E4993665.

For extended projection distances, it can be equipped with our Ultra-Narrow Lens Kits, which you can order here:
For best image quality: Ultra-Narrow Lens Kit f=200mm, 7º
For maximum brightness: Ultra-Narrow Lens Kit f=220mm, 6º

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  • UL/cUL rated for wet environments (2019 models) E4993665
  • Passive Cooling - no fans or motors.
  • Ideal for dusty and wet industrial environments.
  • Long service intervals.
  • Wide line voltage range.
  • 30,000 hours bulb life - never exchange a bulb over the life of the projector.
  • Quality optical system with interchangeable Lenses.
  • Full Aluminum Housing
  • Takes std. E-size gobos.
  • Projector
  • Order Code:ES-C60PCE
    Power Supply:100V - 240/277V, 50-60GHz, 70W
    Ambient Temp. Range: -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)
    Can be used in-/and outdoorsExterior Version
    UL/cUl CertificationUL/cUL rated for wet environments (2019 models) E4993665

  • Optical
  • Lamp:60W LED, 30,000h rated bulb life
    Projection Lens Included:yes, choose from options below
    Available Lenses:Narrow: f=140mm/10°, Semi-Narrow: f=100mm/15°, Medium: f=70mm/20°, Ultra-Wide: f-28mm/45° (Max ID with this lens is 23mm)
    Effective Luminous Flux: 2,400lm
    Color Temperature (Kelvin):6,000k +/-500k
    Dimmable:Yes, with trimmer

  • Lens Range
  • Bright - up to 50 ft
    Dim - up to 90 ft
    Dark - up to 180 ft (or more in very dark conditions)

  • Dimensions
  • Gobo Size:E-Size (OD37.5mm, ID25mm) Max. thickness: 4mm
    Total Length:15 - 18” (incl. lens)
    Weight:14 lbs

  • Package Contents
  • Power Cord
    Test Gobo
    Spare Gobo Retaining Ring
    Integrated Gobo Mounts
    User Manual

Projection Chart