ECO Spot Driver Control Input Adapter 0-36V


ES-SP-AC1 - Driver Control Input Adapter Cable 0-36V VDC for ECO Spot Projectors

Extends the driver control input voltage range to 0-36V and adds a Field wiring connector. Useful for connecting a control wire without having to cut off the projector’s control input connector.
  • Great for connecting a PLC to the projector
  • Provides a Field Wiring Connector with screw terminals
  • Accepts any DC input voltage up to 36V
  • Projector dims within the voltage range of 0-10V or 1-10V
  • Above 10V the Projector runs at full brightness
  • Input terminals: L = VDC+, G = VDC-

Supported Projectors:

All ECO Spot projectors with drivers, that have an accessible DIM+/- input, such as:
  • ECO Spot PCE-Series 40/60/90/150/300PCE
  • ECO Spot Exterior 25E/40E/60E/90E/300E
  • ECO Spot Interior 90/150/300
  • ECO Lines Projectors 80/150