ECO Spot Lens Tube Converter M-Size for C40PCE and C60PCE

E- to M-Size Lens Tube Converter for ECO Spot C40PCE and C60PCE

This lens tube allows the use of our larger M-size lenses with the C40PCE and C60PCE projectors. When it is used with our narrow M-size lenses, the maximum projection distance in bright environments can be doubled. For small sign applications, this means, that it often allows downgrading from the larger and more expensive B90PCE or even B150PCE projectors to the C60PCE projectors.

  • Only for ESC Spot C40PCE and C60PCE
  • Typical Application: Small sign projection in industrial environments at large mounting heights
  • Often allows to downgrade from the larger 90/150W projectors
  • Extends the max. mounting height from 26ft. to 50ft.
  • Typically used with our ES-ML10 and ES-ML13 lenses
  • Converts our ES-ML10 lens to 6º
  • Converts our ES-ML13 lens to 7º