HID 35 Lamp 10 Degree for ECO Spot 35

HID Bulb for ECO Spot 35 10 Degree

This is the replacement bulb for all 35W ECO Spots manufactured until February 2012. Later units use a 15 degree version of the same bulb. ECO Spots that utilize the new 15 degree bulb have a yellow warning label.

Philips MASTERColour CDM-Rm Mini Elite35W/930 GX10 10D
Other product name: MC CDM-Rm Mini Elite 35W/930 GX10 10D

  • Rated bulb life 12,000hrs
  • Expected bulb life in ECO Spot 35 and 35E: 4,000hrs
  • Expected bulb life in ECO Spot 35FC: 8,000hrs
  • Wattage 35W/39W
  • Color temperature 3000K
  • Luminous Intensity 18000cd
  • CRI 87-90
  • Socket GX10
  • Bulb Type MR16