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Virtual Sign Projectors
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Projected- or Virtual Signage...

doesn't wear off, even under the most stressful conditions. It's easily visible in any lighting and can be projected on almost any surface.

Safe Work Environment

Keeping warehouse workers safe requires more than just helmets and goggles. Virtual signage is an important component of a safe work environment, outperforming tape, paint or adhesive labels. Read our Projected Signage 101 Blog for information on how to effectively project signs and markings throughout your warehouse or industrial space to ensure the safety of you and your crew, even in the most high-impact work environments.

Virtual Safety Signage Brochure

Virtual Signage brochure
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How it works?

Instead of constantly replacing old signage, virtually projected signage only requires an image projector (called a gobo projector) and an image carrier (called a gobo). The gobo is placed inside the projector, comparable to a slide but far more durable. The projector is installed in a convenient space adjacent to the projection area, such as the ceiling. Your chosen safety message is then projected onto the appropriate surface, clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions.

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Virtual Line LED Projector Green

ECO Lines Virtual Line LED Projectors

Eco Lines Virtual Line LED Projectors excel at one thing: Efficiently projecting a thick line.

ECO Lines Virtual Line LED Projectors project a thick, permanent floor line that eliminates the need for maintenance required by floor tape and paint lines. Compared to laser projectors, the lines are thicker but shorter. Our line projectors are easy to set up and require little maintenance.

ECO Lines Virtual Line Projectors work differently from Gobo Projectors. Dedicated line projectors utilize a special lens system that channels all available light into the form of a line. This makes them very efficient in projecting lines for floor marking and walkways in environments such as factories, production floors and warehouses.

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Virtual Line Green
Projected STOP Sign

Virtual Line Lasers

Virtual Line Lasers create an indestructible, thin, eye-safe floor line that eliminates the need for maintenance required by floor tape and paint lines. Our lasers are extremely small and lightweight, IP65+ rated and durable. At a given projection distance, line lasers can produce the longest lines compared to all other projection options, but the lines are very thin. The lasers are easy to set up and require little maintenance.

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Projected STOP Sign

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To browse our Virtual Safety Signage products, click the product groups below. You can also call us (1-800-270-6449) for more information or for help creating a customized solution.

Whether for a virtual stop sign or other safety sign, GoboSource has all of the gobos and projectors you need to enhance safety in applications such as industrial, warehouse, exterior signage for traffic or construction uses, and more. If you are in search of a custom virtual gobo, look no further - we have you covered.

In outdoor applications such as virtual stop or yield signs, our outdoor gobo projectors make imaging easier than ever before. Our industrial LED gobo projectors are designed for wet, rough, or dusty environments. With the exception of the ES-C40PCE projector, our PCE-series gobo projectors have UL certification.

Why choose virtual signs over traditional paint, tape, and adhesive signage? Combining glass or steel gobos with a gobo projector is cost effective, more visible, and requires far less maintenance. Because of their durability in challenging environments, you can expect virtual signage to provide you with years of service without the frequent upkeep of traditional signage.

GoboSource is your one-stop shop for all your gobo light and projector needs! Call us today to learn more about the possibilities.