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How to Strengthen Your Brand Identity in the New Year

The start of a new year is a time for resolutions – it’s a time to make improvements and to start working towards your personal and [...]

Stand Out at Trade Shows with these Gobo Lighting Tips

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a trade show and realizing that your booth looks like a homemade lemonade stand compared to the res [...]

5 Solutions to Common Decorating Challenges with Gobos

It’s easy to get stuck in a holiday rut. You reuse the same decorations every year or you buy new ones but it always creates the same effe [...]

3 Reasons to Use Gobos at Your Office Holiday Party

Holiday themed gobos help take an office party to the next level. [...]

How to use gobos to make your company meetings more engaging

Very few people get excited about a company meeting. Often, they are seen as a waste of time and valuable productivity. However, they are st [...]

How gobos lend impact to your business presentation

Command your audiences attention and keep them engaged from start to finish by using gobo lighting effects to add flair to your next present [...]

Who says business meetings have to be boring?

The annual Honda Dealers Meeting kicked off with a bang using projection mapping, gobo images and lighting design to highlight some of the b [...]

Gobo lighting can help make any corporate event one to remember

When businesses throw parties, they have to be grand affairs. Not only do major corporate events create a lasting impression on the firm's b [...]

Gobos make any corporate holiday event brighter

When it comes to lighting up the holidays, Christmas lights aren't the only option. [...]

Halloween gobos great for stores, not just haunted houses

Gobo images have had great uses for retail storefronts for some time, but as Halloween approaches, unique gobos could be a great way to draw [...]
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