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How to Leverage Social Media Sharing with Gobos

In 2005, Amsterdam put up a giant city sign with two-meter-tall (~6.6 feet) letters that spell out I amsterdam. This sign is now the city’ [...]

Your marketing solution for trade shows, conferences, and corporate events

Brand identity is key to growing your business, but your company will get lost in the sea of competition if you don’t put yourself in the [...]

How to Promote Your Product with Gobos

Big name brands including Tesla, Audi, Smirnoff, Bud Light, Bacardi, and Yoplait have all used custom gobos to promote their products. From [...]

5 Color Matching Tips for Custom Gobos

Custom color gobos are perfect for logos, event decor, product promotion, and any full-color design that you’d like to translate into a pr [...]

Large-Scale Outdoor Projection 101

Large-scale outdoor projections can elevate an event or space from standard to head-turning, but only if done right. For example, building p [...]

How to Strengthen Your Brand Identity in the New Year

The start of a new year is a time for resolutions – it’s a time to make improvements and to start working towards your personal and [...]
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